“Drew Hodges, President of SPOT Design, was hired as Design Director of SPY and recommended me as Art Director. I was to redesign the entire magazine once the young investor who showed interest in buying the magazine did so. Drew worked solely on the covers because his meager consultancy fee had not increased as promised. I designed the interior with the two other people who completed the Art Department. The investor backed out, only after standing over our shoulders to tell us specifically how to design the last cover. A fantastic staff left dejected, artists were stiffed and I started my business after serving as interim Art Director at CBS/Fox Video for six months.”


Opening spread for a story comparing celebrity spokespersons to England’s royal family, who benefit from a tax on all goods sold in Great Britain. These celebrities’ enormous fees are paid for by consumers via inflated prices for the products they pitch. In essence, it’s a “Fabulousness-Added Tax” (F.A.T.) The top celeb spokespersons were portrayed as monarchy in paintings fashioned after royal portraiture. Candice Bergen and Michael Jordan were crowned King and Queen.